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Solution for LED Masks as Beauty Tools

Mon Jun 24 17:57:45 CST 2024

As the demand for skincare grows, so does the need for beauty tools. Millions of women worldwide are looking for tools to improve their skincare routines. What are effective beauty tools? FITTOP offers various beauty device solutions designed to meet different customer needs. If you are looking for a beauty device manufacturer or want to create your own brand, contact us now!

Our LED Mask Solution Process

Once you start an LED mask production project, you must understand our ODM production process. Specifically, we have an 11-step production process. This includes initial market research, product design, prototype creation, and mass production. Our ODM solution includes the following steps:

Customer Needs: Arrange LED mask design, development, and production based on needs and launch schedule to ensure on-time delivery.

Market Research: Analyze LED mask customer needs, brand characteristics, and target audience.

Product Definition: Design competitive product features confirmed by the customer.

Risk Assessment: Conduct DFMEA and PFMEA analyses before and during development to improve quality and ensure safety.

Product Design: Design based on customer-approved definitions, providing 2-3 product ID options. After confirmation, proceed with electronic and structural design. This step is cost-free for the customer.

Prototype Design: After confirming the ID design, conduct electronic and structural design, and estimate prototype and mold costs. Start prototype production after customer confirmation, submitting within 3 weeks. Customers bear prototype costs.

Prototype Confirmation: Customers test and confirm the prototype, deciding on any adjustments.

Mold Design and Production: Provide pricing and mold costs after prototype confirmation. Upon customer approval, begin design and production, completing within 60 days. Customers bear mold costs.

Engineering Prototype: After the first mold trial for testing and approval, provide engineering prototypes. Provide packaging design at no cost.

Small Batch Production: Conduct small batch trials and PFMEA analysis to ensure safety. After customer approval, establish product standards and certifications, which are customer-responsible.

Mass Production: Start mass production based on orders after small batch approval.

These are the steps for our LED mask solutions for interested customers. Besides LED masks, FITTOP offers solutions for electric facial brushes, RF beauty devices, and more. If interested, contact us for more details. We will provide the best solution based on your needs.