What do we need to consider when we develop a new product?
  • Product positioning & function
    First, identify your target population and the key features of your product.
  • Cost budgeting
    Your business budget will help you determine your production costs for product design, craftsmanship, etc.
  • Delivery time
    According to your planned product launch time, we will reasonably arrange product design and production to ensure the final delivery on time.
  • Body massager quality
    Before collaboration, it is important to consider whether the quality of the Body massager aligns with your brand. High-quality Body massager can enhance consumer brand loyalty.
  • Body massager option
    Before starting product design, you need to consider aspects such as functionality, technology, materials, and processes. We will provide you with various options in these four aspects.


  • According to massage body parts
    • Head massager
    • Eye massager
    • Neck massager
    • Facial massager
    • Leg massager
    • Foot massager
    • Lumbar and back massager
    • Knee massager
  • According to the way of massage
    • Kneading
    • Beating
    • Electric shock
    • Flap
    • Kneading
    • Heating
    • Ice compress
    • Vibration
  • According to material
    • Aircraft grade PEEK material
    • Titanium alloy
    • Terahertz material
    • ABS、PC
    • Hardware
    • Graphene
    • Magnet
    • Food grade silicone
    • Natural jade
  • According to craft
    • Vacuum plating,optical film coating
    • Electroplate
    • Sine UV coating
    • Rubber feel paint
    • Hardware oxidation,stoving varnish
    • Plastic,Metal drawing
    • Decal,hydrographics transfer printing
    • IML,IMD in-mold decoration
    • Double-color


FITTOP strives to create a simple, safe and efficient one-stop product development process.

1.Customer demand

According to the customer's demand information and customer's planned launch time of new products, reasonable arrangement of product design, development and production schedule, to ensure delivery on time.

2.Market research

Conduct research and analysis according to customers' needs and brand characteristics, as well as the target population of the product.

3.Product definition

Design competitive and unique product function definitions based on customer needs and market research.

4.Risk evaluation

Before and during product development, conduct DFMEA reliability design analysis on products, and conduct PFMEA process potential failure mode analysis during product realization to improve product quality and ensure product safety and reliability.

7. Prototype confirmation

After receiving the prototype, the customer experiences and tests the various parameters of the prototype according to the product definition and requirements. Confirm whether the prototype needs to be adjusted.


After the customer confirms the product ID design, according to the product definition, conduct electronic design and structural design, and estimate the prototype cost, product cost and mold cost. After the customer confirms the cost of the prototype, the production of the prototype is started, and the prototype is expected to be submitted to the customer for confirmation within 3 weeks. After the prototype is completed, all functions and parameters are strictly checked.

5.Product Design

According to the product definition confirmed by the customer, carry out product ID design (2-3 different product ID design schemes), after the customer confirms the product ID design, carry out electronic design and structural design. The customer's cost budget for new products is related to product function design and production process.

8.Mold design and production

After the customer confirms the prototype, provide the accurate product price and mold cost. After the customer's confirmation, the mold design and mold making will start. Mold making is expected to take 45 days + 15 days for mold fine-tuning.

9.Engineering prototype

After the first mold trial, an engineering prototype will be provided to the customer for testing and confirmation. At the same time, the customer needs to provide packaging design documents. If necessary, we can provide a packaging design plan for the customer to confirm and make samples.

10.Small batch trial production

After the engineering prototype is confirmed, small-batch trial production will begin. After the trial production, the enterprise standard of the product will be formulated to prepare for formal mass production.

11.Mass production

After the small batch trial production is qualified and confirmed by the customer, mass production will start according to the customer's order.


FITTOP Design company General manufacturers
Design cost 5W( 0 cost after cooperation ) 100W-200W+ No design ability
Confidentiality degree
1.Sign confidentiality agreement with customers
2.Strictly abide confidentiality agreement and never show to the third party

1. Possible to show cooperation cases to other parties
2. Weak awareness of confidentiality and risk of leakage
Possible to produce and sell similar products to customers in the same industry
Design solution 3. Rich experience in design and production, taking in charge of the whole process from idea to production
4. All-round analysis is perfectly combined to provide three different sets of different design solutions
No production ability and experience No design ability
Quality Control 1. Strong manufacturing supply chain
2. Strictly implement ISO9001 and ISO13485 quality management system
3. Complete quality testing lab
No General


In case of cooperation, we will sign a confidentiality agreement to maintain the safety of your products.

  • Customer drafting agreement

  • Both parties communicate and confirm the agreement

  • Sign and seal

  • Binding and storage of cooperation agreement


ISO 9001:2015

Strictly execute ISO9001 since 2009

Incoming Material Inspection
Material reliability test
100% Inspection for Semi-finished product
100% Inspection for Finished product
Finished product inspection before shipment
100% Inspection for Product weight
100% Inspection before packaging
Finished product reliability test
100% inspection for Charge and discharge


  • Modernized production equipment

  • Advanced and well-equipped inspection laboratory

  • Full-process implementation of digital management

  • Feedback mechanism at key stages to timely monitor project progress

  • Completion of the entire process from product development to mass production in 3 to 4 months

  • Product's quality guarantee : 18 months


We have satisfied customers from over 30 countries

Customer A: I received the sample yesterday. We are very impressed. We will do some impressive tests over the upcoming weekend and let you know!
Customer B: Thanks for your hard work in meeting our deadline for shipping the devices before CNY. I know there was a lot that went into making that happen. We look forward to our business together.
Customer C: I wanted to reach out and say Thank You for the wonderful few days. We share the same common values and goals. I am very excited about our new partnership and see a significant amount of potential to create innovative products together. We did a Pre-launch of the electric cleansing brush yesterday and there is a lot of excitement from our customers, Without having the inventory we have almost 100 pre-sold.
We are sure it will be a great success.
Thanks again for your hard work and kindness. We look forward to the future.
Customer D: Our first impressions are that you and your team have done a great job. We're excited about this device and anxious to move forward quickly.
We are still gathering all of our feedback from our team and will revert back to you tomorrow, if possible. I will add notes to the Test Report that you provided.
We also need to receive more samples of brush head options and color options, We don't need the full device sample but just different samples of colors/brush heads.
Customer E: I hope you are doing well! Sorry for my late mail. Again, we are very happy with the hand sample and the quality is amazing.
Customer F: You did a great job. Adore finish is amazing. Approved.