——Overall solution for beauty devices
As a leading global collaborative partner in overall beauty device solutions, we have partnered with numerous international brands, offering over 500 products. We provide 11 functionalities, 12 beauty technologies, 8 materials, and 9 crafts to tailor products to our customers' needs. Starting from concept definition to design and bulk production, we specialize in personalized beauty devices. We offer affordable prices for initial creative stages and achieve zero-cost design after collaboration, assisting our clients in establishing their beauty device businesses. We aim to provide you with globally unique and competitive products.

ABOUT fittop

fittop, the preferred global manufacturer of intelligent products, simple and secure.

FITTOP Health Technology was established in 2006. It manufactures and exports beauty devices with 18 years of technical expertise. We have collaborated with multiple brands around the world and developed over 500 products. Our customers are spread across over 30 countries and regions, including Europe, America, Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East. As a global leading collaborator in beauty devices holistic solutions, we understand that you need more than just a product, but also a senior partner in this field to build brand influence for you and help you succeed in business. We provide preliminary ideas at an affordable price and can achieve zero-cost design and development after cooperation, providing you with unique products with global competitiveness. FITTOP has obtained ISO9001, ISO13458, Disney, FDA, national high-tech enterprise, and other certifications. Its products have passed CE, ROHS, and FCC testing, and comply with Korean KC certification, Japanese PSE certification, and other national and regional qualification certificates. We have more than 300 patents including PCT international, invention, utility model, design, and software copyrights.


R&D in Smart Technologies
We have obtained more than 150 international patents, including PCT international patents, invention patents, utility model patents, design patents, and software copyrights. Our achievements have been widely recognized by domestic and international clients.
Product Upgrades
We continuously seize business opportunities from market feedback and rapidly develop new products. We consistently provide our partners with high-quality products and services that are competitive.
Creating a Future with Boundless Innovation.
Certifications Obtained
We have obtained certifications such as ISO9001, IS013485, Disney, FDA, and National High-tech Enterprise. Our products have passed CE, ROHS, and FCC testing and comply with qualification certificates from various countries and regions, including Korea's KC certification and Japan's PSE certification.
VIP Service Team
We have established a 7-member VIP service team with over 10 years of work experience specifically for our cooperative clients. The team comprises designers, engineers, account managers, production controllers, quality managers, logistics managers, and so on.
Global Partnerships
We have collaborated with multiple brands worldwide, offering over 500 products. Our clients are spread across over 30 countries and regions, including Europe, America, Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East.
Supply Chain Advantage
With 18 years of industry experience, we have accumulated a complete and advantageous industrial chain to help our clients achieve sustained profit growth.


FITTOP Design Company General Manufacturers
Design cost 5W( 0 cost after cooperation ) 100W-200W+ No design ability
Confidentiality Degree
1. Sign confidentiality agreement with customers
2. Strictly abide confidentiality agreement and never show it to a third party

1. Possible to show cooperation cases to other parties
2. Weak awareness of confidentiality and risk of leakage
Possible to produce and sell similar products to customers in the same industry
Design Solution 3. Rich experience in design and production, taking charge of the whole process from idea to production
4. All-round analysis is perfectly combined to provide three different sets of different design solutions
No production ability and experience No design ability
Quality Control 6. Strong manufacturing supply chain
7. Strictly implement ISO9001 and ISO13485 quality management system
8. Complete quality testing lab
No General




(From UAE)

I want to reach out and say Thank You for the wonderful few days we spent. We share the same common values and goals,  your team is so professional. We are very excited about our new partnership and see a significant amount of potential to create innovative products together. Thanks again for your hard work and kindness.



(From the United States)

Thanks for your hard work in meeting our deadline for shipping the devices before CNY. I know there was a lot that went into making that happen. We look forward to our business together.



(From Germany)

Your after-sales service is really excellent! The support team was quick and resolved my issue efficiently. Highly satisfied with your services.