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Complete Solutions for Beauty Devices in FITTOP

Wed Jul 26 18:23:09 CST 2023

What Problems Can Be Solved by FITTOP Beauty Device Solutions?

Anti Aging

Research on radio frequency facial rejuvenation effect has proven that radio frequency produced noticeable clinical results with corresponding facial skin improvement. Although the radio frequency beauty device may not be as effective as that invasive surgery, the radio frequency beauty device is a cost-effective option for long-lasting anti-aging. FITTOP specializes in radio frequency technology for facial skin anti-aging. If you have the idea of making an anti-aging beauty device of your brand, we offer you from design to production service.

Wrinkle Removal

When we get older, the variety of our faces is appearance. The collagen will increase significantly. There will be a significant change in our face, such as sagging, fine lines, and wrinkles. When you use a beauty device for a long time, there will be fewer wrinkles and more tight skin on your face. What is the available way to remove wrinkles on our faces? A wrinkle removal device is the best option for most women with age-appearance anxiety. FITTOP can design a unique anti-wrinkle beauty device for your requirements.


FITTOP was established in 2006 and established an independent laboratory in 2008, we not only have our own professional electronic engineer and R&D staff, but we also continuously research and develop new products according to market research. We provide beauty device whitening, before starting we will ensure the beauty device's main function, use scenarios and applicable people, etc. Through the market research of the function to offer beauty device solutions.

Cleansing and Moisturizing

With the need for deep cleaning, a single cleanser can no longer satisfy daily skin cleansing. After a busy day, our face skin always is full of oil and dirt. We designed different types of electric face scrubbers for deep cleansing. We have researched the electric face cleansing brush to ems face scrubber. Whether you want to design which functional beauty device, we can satisfy your requirements.

Anti Acne

Acne is a common skin condition in different ages. It can not affect our appearance but can result in psychological distress. In 2016, research on light therapies for acne suggested that blue light therapy might help control acne. We offer complete anti-acne beauty device solutions for you. FITTOP has designed the blue light therapy acne device and has a hot sale. We offer a one-stop service from creativity to products. 

What Beauty Device Solutions Can FITTOP Provide You?

RF Radio Frequency Beauty Device Program Development

When the radio frequency beauty device works, the radio frequency waves can reach the dermis layer and generate heat. The heat will simulate a host of collagen production that can tighten skin. This is why radio frequency can work. FITTOP offers complete radio frequency technology and beauty device solutions for agents, importers, distributor resellers, wholesalers, and purchasers.

EMS Beauty Device Program Development

Lifting and tightening is the main function of EMS beauty device. How does it realize skin lifting and tightening? The stimulation of the dermis by the microcurrent will promote the cells to produce ATP. The ATP is the key substance for collagen production, so micro-current beauty devices can speed up collagen production to realize skin lifting and tightening. We can also provide multipolar microcurrent of the EMS beauty device solutions.

Ultrasonic Beauty Device Program Development

The ultrasonic wave emitted by the ultrasonic beauty device is a vibration penetrating the skin. Like radio frequency waves, the ultrasonic wave also can stimulate cell activity, promote collagen production. The cream and serum are hard to absorb in the natural state due to the natural barrier. But matched with a beauty device can reach the effect of deep absorption.

LED Light Therapy Beauty Device Program Development

LED light therapy is a safe and noninvasive way to improve your skin condition. It is fitting for all kinds of skin types with no pain. The most common light therapy includes blue light therapy and red light therapy. Red lights are responsible for promoting the production of collagen to reduce wrinkles and fine lines. Blue light is against the acne bacteria which result in acne. FITTOP provides different lengths of red and blue wavelengths.

Why Choose FITTOP as Your First Choice?

Modern Production Equipment and High Standard Management System

Our factory was established in 2006 and established our own independent laboratory in 2008. We have our own production line and research center for the beauty device industry. FITTOP applied modern production equipment and advanced complete testing to ensure the high quality of every product. Automated production ensures that we can deliver on time. The inspection of semi-finished products and finished products ensures that our beauty devices are at a competitive place.

Complete ODM Experience

We cooperated international famous design team-INDEED. In the design of FITTOP products, INDEED provides world-class industrial design. Every year, we will quickly respond to the market and create new products for innovative design. We also acquired IF Design Awards, and obtained Disney, FDA, and other certifications. We have more than 150 patents including PCT international patents, invention patents, utility model patents, design patents, and software copyrights. If you choose us, there will not be patent problems.

Strict Quality Control

Finishing the qualified products is the responsibility of every worker. We strictly conduct the IOS 9001 quality management system. We established the complete quality testing tab that includes IPX7 waterproof test, amplitude test, vibration test, high and low-temperature test, etc. Do you need a factory manufacturer of your beauty device solution development? Contact us now!