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Complete Sport Massager Solution in FITTOP

Fri Jul 28 14:43:13 CST 2023

What Sport Massager Solutions Can You Choose from FITTOP?

Massage Gun Solution Development

Massage gun is one of the most important methods of sports massagers. Do not consider it just a gadget. In fact, the smart percussion massage covered by the fascia gun is no worse than that of a masseuse. Whether it is neck pain, shoulder pain, or muscle soreness, the fascia gun can help prevent and relieve these pains. What massage gun solutions can FITTOP provide for you? Firstly, you should identify one of the functions such as improving muscle recovery, pain relief, decreasing soreness, and improving performance. After this, we will contact market research and the cost budget for this massage gun solution. Lastly, realize the service from design to production.

Electronic Counting Skipping Rope Solution Development

Jump rope is the most common sport when people are losing weight. It can exercise our muscle group and improve the blood circulation of the whole body. Moreover, whether adults or students, there is a great demand on the market. FITTOP devotes to researching high-quality skipping ropes for different demands and provides customized services. From the handles to the rope, you can choose from according to your requirements. About the shape, color, size, logo, and packaging, you can get customized.

Electronic Yoga Ring and Mat Solution Development

Yoga is a more and more popular sports way in modern life that pursues health preservation now. For most people whether for exercise, fitness, or healthy life, yoga has been a part of their life. FITTOP supplies custom ECO-friendly material yoga mats and rings. We customize yoga mats and rings with your brand logo for business gifts, outdoor activities, and trade sales. Are you interested in yoga sports massage? FITTOP offers the latest technology research on materials and design.

Foam Roller Sports Massage Solution Development

Why the foam rollers is so popular with runners, fitness enthusiasts, and exercisers? It is a simple muscle relief tool after sports and exercise. You just need to roll your muscles on it, it can relieve muscle soreness and improve recovery. The foam roller is suitable for all people. You can use our rollers to massage your neck, legs, back, or arms after intense exercise. FITTOP supplies different sizes of foam rollers for you to choose and you can also custom form length, diameter, shape, color, and logo. 

What Material of the Sport Massagers Can You Choose?

In the material of the sports massagers, we offer a variety of materials for our customers. Such as PEEK, a material for making aircraft components. It has high ductility and elongation better than metal material and it is lightweight. We also have ABS, PC, metal material, graphene, and food-grade silicone to choose from. FITTOP offers personalized service for our customers who want to create sports massagers. From the appearance to the packing, you can custom to satisfy the special needs and performance of individuals.

Why Choose FITTOP as Your First Choice?

Modern Production Equipment and High Standard Management System

Our factory was established in 2006 and established our own independent laboratory in 2008. We have our own production line and research center for the sports massager industry. FITTOP applied modern production equipment and advanced complete testing to ensure the high quality of every product. Automated production ensures that we can deliver on time. The inspection of semi-finished products and finished products ensures that our sports massagers are in a competitive place.

Complete ODM Experience

We cooperated international famous design team-INDEED. In the design of FITTOP products, INDEED provides world-class industrial design. Every year, we will quickly respond to the market and create new products for innovative design. We also acquired IF Design Awards, and obtained Disney, FDA, and other certifications. We have more than 150 patents including PCT international patents, invention patents, utility model patents, design patents, and software copyrights. If you choose us, there will not be patent problems.

Strict Quality Control

Finishing the qualified products is the responsibility of every worker. We strictly conduct the IOS 9001 quality management system. We established the complete quality testing tab that includes IPX7 waterproof test, amplitude test, vibration test, high and low-temperature test, etc. Do you need a factory manufacturer for your sport massager solution development? Contact us now!