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Curious About Beauty Device Trends? How Do We Tailor Our Products to Your Needs?

Sat Nov 11 15:56:17 CST 2023

After understanding customer needs, we will proceed to the next step of the ODM beauty device product development process. Once we grasp what kind of beauty device customers want, the first thing to do is market research. We will conduct research and analysis based on customer needs, brand characteristics, and the target audience of the product. If we only focus on design without conducting market research, even the most attractive design may not meet the users' needs. Today, let's focus on how we conduct market research in FITTOP.

Target Market Analysis:

Who are the target audiences for beauty devices? What are the needs of people of different ages for beauty devices? First, we will identify the target market, including geographical location, age groups, gender, income levels, etc. Different demographics have different needs for beauty devices, so we need to precisely target the audience for our product.

If we find that urban females aged 25 to 35 are more interested in portable beauty devices, we can design and promote products that cater specifically to this demographic.

Competitor Analysis:

We will study competitors, and understand their product features, pricing strategies, market share, and strengths and weaknesses. We will thoroughly experience competitors' product designs, functions, and effects. Analyzing their pros and cons allows us to absorb experiences and determine the unique advantages of our product in the market.

If we discover that competitors' products are stylish but relatively simple in functionality, we can consider launching a beautifully designed and more comprehensive beauty device to meet users' demands for multifunctional products.

Consumer Insights:

Understanding consumer spending habits through surveys, face-to-face interviews, or social media helps us uncover potential users' needs, pain points, and expectations. This valuable insight guides product design and functionality.

Trend Analysis:

Studying trends in the beauty industry, including technology, design, and market demands, ensures that our product not only meets current needs but also adapts to future changes.

The Importance of Market Research Before Studying New Products:

Market research helps discover new market opportunities. By understanding market demands and pain points, we can determine the positioning and design of the product to meet potential customer needs. Conducting market research before launching a new product reduces investment risks. It allows better prediction of whether the product will be successful and if the market will accept it. In summary, market research is a crucial step in launching new products, contributing to increased market acceptance and the likelihood of product success.