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Customized RF Beauty Device for USA Client

Mon Mar 18 17:10:11 CST 2024

An American client paid the deposit for 2000 RF beauty devices. He was a product manager at a cosmetics company and wanted to develop a new beauty device. In October 2023, the customer approached us to design a new RF beauty device. We immediately contacted him via email to gather more detailed information. Then, we introduced the ODM cooperation process to him and addressed his concerns. Faced with designs and solutions from different suppliers, the customer took a month to weigh his options and ultimately chose us. Now, let's share the solution we provided to this customer.

What Are the Requirements of Our Clients?

The client wanted an anti-aging-focused beauty device and described the desired appearance. Therefore, we began designing the product's appearance according to the requirements. We provided two design options, and the client ultimately chose one, requesting some changes to the details.

The client wanted adjustments to the device's size, button placement, and additional customized features such as timed shutdown and temperature adjustment. We actively responded to the client's needs and made timely modifications to ensure the final product fully met the client's requirements and expectations.

In addition to appearance design, the client also had requirements for the product's performance and user experience. He wanted the beauty device to have various functions such as skin tightening, wrinkle reduction, and improving skin elasticity, as well as simple and safe operation. Based on the client's needs, we conducted in-depth research and testing on the product, ensuring it met the client's expectations in terms of performance and user experience.

The client requested some factory photos from us. We shared our recent factory production photos and videos with him. We sent these videos to the U.S. client, along with our patents. This gained his trust in us.