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Does it Really Address Your Needs? Yes, and It's as Simple as It Gets!

Fri Nov 10 11:42:54 CST 2023

In the process of communicating with clients, we have discovered that many clients are not familiar with the ODM customization process for beauty devices. Despite having ideas about owning their own uniquely branded beauty devices, understanding how to choose the right beauty device supplier and the specific process is often unclear for many clients. In previous articles, we have shared how to guide clients in finding reliable beauty device suppliers. Today, we will focus on understanding the process of ODM development and production for beauty devices and how we conduct ODM production for you.

What is the ODM production process?

In essence, the ODM process for beauty devices involves the journey from design to production. However, this process requires the completion of several more steps, including molding, sampling, trial production, and mass production. As a dependable beauty device supplier, we have customized a total of 11 steps. Today, our primary focus is on the first step: customer requirements.

As experienced beauty device suppliers, how do we meet customer requirements?

Understanding customer requirements is the first step in the ODM process. This includes comprehending specific customer requirements for the functionality, design, performance, and market positioning of the beauty device.

Requirement Collection:

Firstly, we establish close communication channels with the customer, gathering detailed information about their requirements for the beauty device through meetings, surveys, or other means. This may include specific requirements for functionality, appearance, performance, cost, and delivery time, all of which are confirmed with the customer.

Requirement Analysis:

We conduct an in-depth analysis of the collected requirements, translating customer needs into practical design and engineering parameters. This involves further communication with the customer to clarify any uncertainties or ambiguities.


Based on the analysis of customer requirements, we formulate detailed plans for product design, development, and production. This includes ensuring that each stage of the work is completed within the timeline for the customer's new product launch. A well-structured plan helps avoid delays and ensures on-time delivery.

Feedback and Confirmation:

We provide feedback to the customer on the initial plan and analysis results to ensure that the supplier correctly understands and meets customer requirements. Customer confirmation is crucial to ensure that the supplier does not deviate from customer expectations in subsequent stages.

Continuous Communication:

Throughout the entire ODM process, maintaining continuous communication with the customer is vital. We regularly report progress, address customer concerns, and promptly adjust plans to ensure that the customer is satisfied with the service and products throughout the process.

Starting with the analysis of customer requirements is crucial for meeting their expectations and ensuring successful product development with timely delivery. In the next article, we will introduce the second step of the ODM process: market research.