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FITTOP Beauty Device Shines at 2023 Cosmoprof Asia Hong Kong, Innovating and Leading the Beauty Trends in Asia

Wed Nov 15 11:25:26 CST 2023

From November 14 to 17, 2023, the 26th Cosmoprof Asia Hong Kong was held at the AsiaWorld-Expo and the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. The event served as a prominent trade platform for cosmetics industry professionals looking to enter the Asia-Pacific market. Over the four-day exhibition, a wide range of beauty products, including personal care, health, and skincare, were showcased. The focus was on presenting beauty technology, product innovation, and beauty device solutions.

Against the backdrop of the current "beauty economy" trend, the significance of the 2023 Cosmoprof Asia Hong Kong cannot be overstated for the entire beauty industry. It consolidates the latest information from the global beauty industry and stands as an influential and far-reaching B2B platform. The 2023 Cosmoprof Asia Hong Kong, as the most influential annual event in the beauty industry, has shown consistent growth in both attendance and exhibitor numbers. It continually breaks records for beauty technology innovation. On this authoritative platform, beauty industry explorers from around the world can touch, merge, and radiate technological brilliance, continuously bringing the latest beauty and skincare concepts to modern women.

Home beauty devices have garnered significant attention in recent years as a new beauty product highly sought after by modern women. Derived from large-scale skincare equipment used in beauty salons, these portable beauty products are more suitable for home and personal use. With the increasing emphasis on beauty and skincare in recent years, home beauty devices have rapidly developed. It is foreseeable that they will play a crucial role in the lives of many women in the future, becoming an indispensable product. In this exhibition, home beauty devices stood out, sparking discussions and becoming a focal point in the exhibition area.

During the first day of the exhibition, visitors flocked to the beauty device section for inquiries, demonstrating the immense potential for the development of the beauty device market and the strong interest of the public. FITTOP focuses on the research and development of beauty devices, with core technologies including radiofrequency, EMS microcurrent, LED, laser, photon rejuvenation, ultrasound, and more. Their product range covers radiofrequency beauty devices, electric facial brushes, collagen masks, massage wands, and comprehensive body care products.

At this exhibition, FITTOP showcased its latest research and development achievement - the 373 Golden Collagen Mask. In the development of this new product, the FITTOP team emphasized starting from the characteristics of Asian women's skin, with an appearance that conforms to facial features, striving to create a collagen mask suitable for all women. The flagship product, the 373 Golden Collagen Mask, innovatively uses 330 professional-grade super photon beads, introduces physical ice-sensing skincare technology to soothe the skin and reduce inflammation, and offers 5 types of super photon wave full-face care to meet diverse skincare needs.

According to the brand manager of the beauty device exhibition area, the most frequently asked questions from visitors were about the technological principles of various beauty devices, such as radiofrequency wrinkle reduction, ion import/export, and LED spectrum rejuvenation. The brand manager stated, "Technology is changing people's lives, and this is evident to all. Therefore, modern people believe that technology can change their appearance and are willing to take action to try. This is one of the reasons people aspire to home beauty devices and one of the reasons home beauty devices are increasingly gaining attention."

At the exhibition, the FITTOP brand shone brightly, contributing to the development of the beauty industry. Simultaneously, the FITTOP brand absorbed excellent experiences from peers worldwide, hoping to collaboratively create a healthier and more effective new way of beauty and skincare for women. In the future, FITTOP will continue to adhere to the philosophy of pursuing quality and innovation, providing a higher-quality beauty experience for beauty enthusiasts worldwide!