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FITTOP Super-Hit Intelligent Massage Gun

Tue Jul 18 14:50:08 CST 2023

If you are an athlete or fitness enthusiast, it is so important to take care of your muscles. After exercise or competition, you should know how to relax your muscles. Sport massagers are a popular way to reduce soreness and enhance recovery. But for most athletes and fitness enthusiasts, a massage gun without power is meaningless. So what kind of massage guns are suitable for athletes and fitness enthusiasts? The FITTOP super-hit massage gun is a professional massage tool for athletes or fitness enthusiasts. It is equipped with an AI intelligent chip that can identify bones and muscles to protect your bones from injury


When Should You Use Massage Guns?

If you are an athlete, you can use our super-hit fascia massage gun before a workout for better performance. Also, you can use the fascia gun after a workout to relieve muscle pain and soreness. If you are a fitness enthusiast, you can use our super-fit fascia gun before, during, and after exercise. For those office workers who sit for a long time, it is a perfect tool to relieve shoulder and neck tension. It's not a definitive answer. Some people prefer using it before workouts, while others prefer to use it after workouts to help muscle recovery. It is up to your personal preference.

As an Original Design Manufacturer, What's the Key Strength of FITTOP Super-Hit Intelligent Massage Gun?

AI Intelligent Chip

What can our super-hit chip do for you the massage gun? Firstly, it can identify bones and muscles intelligently. Once you hit your bones, the system will reduce the frequency and force immediately to protect your bones from damage. Secondly, a super-hit massage gun has 5 massage heads. When you change any one head, the system will automatically recognize and switch to the corresponding hitting mode.

Voice Announcement and Visual Screen

Super Hit massage gun can prompt more convenient and real-time voice guidance. When you change different massage heads, the automatic voice broadcasts the current hitting mode and usage scene suggestions. On the top of our fascia massage gun, there is a screen on which you can see the hitting mode, hitting head icon, massage area, countdown, and battery reminder.

12mm Percussion Amplitude

We use the fascia gun with the real purpose of relaxing deep muscles and fascia. Therefore, the amplitude of the percussion determines whether the fascia gun can effectively reach deep muscles and fascia. To ensure that the impact force can truly penetrate deep into the muscles, the greater the percussion depth, the better. The FITTOP Super-Hit Intelligent Massage Gun uses a 12mm percussion depth and a 3500rpm brushless motor, making it a more suitable choice for athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

Lengthen Silicone Handle Design

We have extended the silicone handle design of the massage gun to provide you with an even more comfortable and stable grip. The silicone handle is not only soft but also skin-friendly, ensuring a gentle and comfortable feel in your hand. With this improved design, you can easily massage your back without any awkward angles or discomfort, making your self-massage experience truly seamless and enjoyable.

Unique Appearance

Carefully crafted by our design team, this high-quality super-hit intelligent massage gun was awarded the 2020 IF Design Award, with its unique exterior design standing out as its highlight. Once you own it, you will love the appearance of this massage gun and love using a massage gun for muscle recovery!

FITTOP provides Original Design Manufacturer(ODM) services and specializes in designing and manufacturing massage guns for companies looking to bring their own branded products to market. We are capable and love to create a product from scratch with you. We have a professional team in charge of R&D, production, sales and after-sales service. And we have been manufacturing beauty, fitness, and health massage products for 20 years.


We have an independent design team that has won IF design awards. The R&D team of 20 people continues to develop new products and AI software.

High Capacity

We can meet surging market demand with six production lines and one mold and tooling center.

Quality Assurance

Fully equipped lab for all kinds of product performance tests, ensuring high product quality.