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Fascia Gun Sports Massage Solution in FITTOP

Wed Aug 02 13:48:26 CST 2023

FITTOP is a fascia gun manufacturer for bulk production of massage guns. We offer the design, production, and trade of the wholesale massage gun. We have independent research and development capabilities and brand promotion. We have our production line and QC inspection system. If you choose us, you will not consider the delivery time. We provide intelligent massage guns, mini massage guns, pocket fascia guns, handheld muscle massagers, deep tissue massages, and other custom massage guns.

What Problems Can Fascia Gun Solve in FITTOP?

Muscle Soreness After a Workout

After exercise, the PH value of our body will decrease. That will result in a decrease in the content of hyaluronic acid in the body, and the muscles will feel sore and stiff. We can design a massage gun specialized in relieving muscle soreness after a workout.

Warm Up Before a Workout

When you start an intense exercise, your muscle not be certain to accept. This will result in injury during the sports or competition. That's why we should warm up before a workout. FITTOP can design the fascia gun for warm-up to improve the performance of athletes.

Neck Pain

Neck pain is a common problem for every office worker. When we keep a posture for a long time, we will feel neck pain. How to relieve this condition? We recommend the mini fascia gun for your lower neck part relaxation. Why is a mini massage gun? Because it is convenient for office workers. We feature lightweight materials to design a mini fascia gun that is as heavy as a mobile phone.

Back Pain

siting for a long time or being overworked will lead to back pain. People who sit for a long time or not exercising has poor blood circulation and body metabolism. FITTOP fascia gun provides deep relief for your muscle to boost blood circulation. If you have the idea of offering one fascia gun for sedentary people, FITTOP is your best choice.

Shoulder Pain

When you maintain poor posture for a long time, there will be some problems with your shoulders. FITTOP can design various speed levels for neck and shoulder massage. We also design different massage heads for your different body parts massage. Our shoulders and neck are more fragile places in our body, so FITTOIP suggests starting at the lowest level for your shoulder and neck massage.

Body Relaxation

Surely! Using a massage gun for your body relaxation is suitable. The image that you can use no matter what time you want. We provide various fascia guns for wholesale.

How Do You Start Your Massage Gun Manufacturing?

There is no denying that China is the main center of massage gun production. Whether what kind of massage gun, you will find that China is written in the column of production place. So how do you choose reliable massage gun manufacturers for cooperation? To consider the most profits, you should consider the China massage gun manufacturers as the first choice. That’s because of cost-effectiveness. Massage guns are mostly expensive due to their expensive manufacturing. However, in China, there is a special feature of manufacturing massage guns.

As a Massage Gun Manufacturer, FITTOP Offers Different Massage Gun Customized Service

FITTOP offer a range of logo-customized option, including materials, color, function, etc. At FITTOP, there is a devise option for our customers who want to make their brand massage gun. You can work with our experienced design team to create featured massage guns. 

Once You Choose FITTOP, You Also Choose Our One-stop Services.

FITTOP offers complete ODM massage gun solutions from creativity to production. We can offer the ODM process to customers. We have our own factory and production line, we provide the cost-effective material and excellent designs for you. 

What Kind of Massage Guns You Can Choose?

We offer 6 different technologies of massage therapy. It includes knock, vibration, heating, kneading, electric pulse, and ice compress. According to different body massage issues, you can choose the target relief massage gun for neck, shoulder, legs, or back pain. We struggle to offer the massage gun for resolving the issues of people. We also offer different shape massage guns such as mini massage guns, pocket massage guns, super-hit massage guns, and intelligent massage guns.