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How Do Self-Branded Sellers Find Reliable ODM Beauty Device Manufacturers?

Mon Mar 04 17:26:37 CST 2024

When developing new products for your brand, how can you find reliable and cost-effective beauty device manufacturers? If the design and production costs of local beauty device manufacturers are prohibitively high, seeking a beauty device manufacturer in China with design and production capabilities is the best choice for cost savings.

Through communication with previous clients, we've found that many customers are unsure about the process of developing new beauty devices when searching for manufacturers. They often believe it's a simple matter of finding a satisfactory factory and expressing their desired beauty device.

However, they may end up choosing the wrong beauty device manufacturer because most lack independent design and new product development capabilities. Consequently, you might need to spend extra to find relevant design companies. Additionally, whether the factory can produce products designed by design companies is also a consideration.

Thus, choosing a beauty device manufacturer that provides one-stop services for design, research, and production not only reduces costs but also improves communication and understanding of your needs.

That's why we spend a lot of time introducing our ODM process to clients, helping them develop ODM beauty device businesses and gain profits.

Beauty Device Manufacturing Process in FITTOP Factory

FITTOP strives to create a simple, safe, and efficient one-stop beauty device development process. The development of ODM beauty devices includes the following steps:

1. Customer demand

According to the customer's demand information and customer's planned launch time of new products, reasonable arrangement of product design, development, and production schedule, to ensure delivery on time.

2. Market research

Conduct research and analysis according to customers' needs and brand characteristics, as well as the target users of the product.

3. Product definition

Design competitive and unique product function definitions based on customer needs and market research. The customer will confirm the final product definition.

4. Risk evaluation

Before and during product development, conduct DFMEA reliability design analysis on products. 

5. Product Design

According to the product definition confirmed by the customer, carry out product ID design (2-3 different product ID design schemes), after the customer confirms the product ID design, carry out electronic design and structural design. The customer's cost budget for new products is related to product function design and production process.

Zero cost for this step for the customer.

Beauty Device Manufacturing Process in FITTOP Factory

6. Prototyping

After the customer confirms the product ID design, according to the product definition, conduct electronic design and structural design, and estimate the prototype cost, product cost, and mold cost. After the customer confirms the cost of the prototype, the production of the prototype is started, and the prototype is expected to be delivered to the customer for confirmation in 3-4 weeks. After the prototype is completed, all functions and parameters are strictly checked.

Zero cost for the Structure designing and Electric functions designing for the customer.

The customer will take charge of the prototype.

7. Prototype confirmation

After receiving the prototype, the customer experiences and tests the various parameters of the prototype according to the product definition and requirements. The customer confirms whether the prototype needs to be adjusted, and confirms the final prototype.

8. Mold design and production

After we provide the accurate product price and mold cost, the customer will confirm the product price and mold cost, and the mold design and mold making will start. Mold making is expected to take 45 days + 15 days for mold fine-tuning.

The customer will take charge of the molds.

9. Engineering Prototype

After the first mold trial, an engineering prototype will be provided to the customer for testing and confirmation. At the same time, we can provide a packaging design for the customer to confirm and make samples.

Zero cost for the package design for the customer.

10. Small batch trial production

Small-batch trial production will start. And conduct PFMEA process potential failure mode analysis during product realization to ensure product safety and reliability. We will send the trial production sample for the customers approval. Then establish the enterprise standard for this product. The customer will take charge of the certifications.

11. Mass production

After the small batch trial production is qualified and confirmed by the customer, mass production will start according to the customer's order.