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How to Choose a Suitable Sports Massage Gun for Yourself?

Wed Jul 19 13:57:10 CST 2023

In todays age of fitness, choosing one of the sports massage guns that is right for you holds great importance in your daily life. But in this massage gun market, there are a host of sports muscle massage guns for you. How do you choose the best one for yourself?

Based on Your Purpose of Buying a Sports Massage Gun

When you have the idea of buying a sports massage gun, you have to consider the most key factor. Why should you buy a sports massage gun? What can you use it for? If you want to improve your performance in competition, we recommend using a powerful sports muscle massage gun to serve this purpose. FITTOP super-hit massage gun has a percussion amplitude of 12 mm which can directly hit the deep muscle group.

If you are a fitness hobbyist or office worker, relieving your muscles and relieving muscle tension may be the purpose of you. In this case, we advise you to choose a portable fascia gun that you can use anywhere you want. FITTOP mini sports massage gun is an affordable option for those who have the idea of owning a sports massage gun.

What Capacities Do You Need?

For different people, percussion force also is a key factor to consider. For example, The percussion amplitude chosen by fitness people will be larger than that of office workers. Thus when you consider buying a sports massage gun, you can consider what percussion force you want to buy. We designed different capacities of sports massage guns for different people to choose from.

How to Get a Customized One?

One of the most distinguishing features of FITTOP is we offer a one-stop service for creativity to products. If you want to produce a batch of sports massage guns of your brand or original creation, we also offer a research and development service. FITOTP has a mature RD center and professional team, which can realize from idea to product landing. Do not worry about the production problem, we also have our production line and complete supply chain system.

How Much Price Do You Want for the Sports Massage Gun?

Price is the main factor affecting you to buy a sports massage gun. Most of us want a good-performance and affordable fascia gun. Generally speaking, a part of a sports massage gun would be very expensive. But, while ensuring the quality of the sports massage gun, we always give our clients very reasonable and affordable prices. And we offer the sports massage guns from our factory directly which will save an extra cost for you. Compared with other brand owners, we have the best quality and service at the same price. Thats why many customers are willing to choose FITTOP as a fixed cooperative partner around the world.

Reasons for Buying a Sports Massage Gun

If you love sports but do not like the dis-comfortable experience of pain and soreness after a workout. A sports massage gun is a better replacement for visiting a professional massager. It is a great way to relieve sore muscles. 

Recovery and Relax

After an intense workout, the massage gun can help recover your muscles. You just need to take two minutes to use the sports massage gun around your muscles. It can improve blood flow and help release tension in your muscles.


A sports massage gun is a handheld device for you everywhere to use it. It is lightweight for you to use at any time. Whether on a journey or at home, you can usually use the massage gun.


It is normal that it will have soreness after a workout. Research has proven that massage guns could lessen DOMS. It is a delayed-onset muscle soreness. So it is helpful to relieve the soreness of your pain.