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Mini Fascia Gun

Fri Jul 14 09:44:01 CST 2023

The concept of massage guns and sport massage has become the hot solutions in modern health and recovery fields. Whether in the office, school, or gym, the mini fascia gun can come in handy. For many workers who are sedentary in the office, we often feel muscle fatigue and tension. At this moment, you need a mini fascia massage gun to relax. As well as after workouts, we also need a mini fascia gun to prevent soreness. Why is a mini fascia gun? Thats a must because it's lightweight and small body for convenient handheld. You can take it with you whenever you want to use it.

Mini Fascia Gun

Why Should You Use a Mini Fascia Gun?

Feel tired or painful and sore after workout? It's time to save your muscles! The portable design of our FITTOP mini fascia gun makes it so that you can use it on all body parts. If you want to release the pain and soreness after workout, it's best to use a mini fascia gun to help reduce lactic acid.

Mini Fascia Gun

Why Choose FITTOP Mini Fascia Gun?

AI Smart Touch and One Button Control

At the top of our mini deep tissue percussion gun, we designed a drop-shaped screen that clearly shows the battery level, speed level, and smart touch button. We offer five speeds and optional levels for you to choose from. It includes muscle arousal, fascia relaxation, lactic acid relief, deep massaging, and professional mode five levels.

12mm Deep Amplitude

How important is the stroke amplitude of the fascia gun? The thickness of important muscle groups such as the pectoralis major, back muscles, and gluteal muscles of many fitness enthusiasts even exceeds 30mm. If the amplitude of a fitness-grade fascia gun is less than 12mm, it is far from reaching the effect of loosening deep muscle fascia.

Mini Fascia Gun

Silent Noise Reduction Technology

When the mini fascia gun works, we control its noise at 45 dB. Whether in the gym, at home, or even in the office, others will not be disturbed. You can use it freely.

Three Massage Heads for Every Muscle Group

We designed the mini general massage head for better fascia stimulation, suitable for multiple muscle groups. Mini trigger points massage the head for deeper penetration into the trigger points. The third is the mini Achilles massage head which fits adequately for ankles and Achilles tendon, widely affected by exercisers and practitioners.