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Portable Massage Gun for Sale

Mon Jul 17 09:45:30 CST 2023

You must have heard of the fascia gun, but what is the fascia gun used for? As the name suggests, it can be understood as a massage gun for the fascia. In addition to the muscles inside our muscles, there are layers of fascia. When we exercise vigorously, the fascia may be strained, so muscle soreness occurs. This is where the fascia gun comes in handy. Are you want to a massage gun as one cell phone light? So that you can take it out in your commuter bag. Thats the time for dreams to come true.

portable massage gun

Why FITTOP portable massage gun is favoured to clients?

It is lightweight

It is hard to imagine a fascia gun as heavy as a mobile phone. FITTOP portable massage gun has a net weight of 270g. In other words, you can take it out with you like a mobile phone or a power bank. Also this fascia gun is about the size of your hand and you can carry it into pocket.

It is powerful

Don't underestimate its power, it has 6mm percussion amplitude which can improve local blood circulation, relieve soreness and fatigue, help to vitalize the body. Once one of our clients at the exhibition exclaimed, "It's powerful and comfortable! And I feel like I can take it with me when I go out."

portable massage gun

It is professional 

When you want to massage different parts in your body with a portable muscle massager gun, dont worry. We designed four professional massage heads which suitable for any parts of the body. Like arms, back, thighs, spine and calves. Also these four massage heads are made of silicone, it is soft.

portable massage gun

It is noiseless

Customized with 45W motor and the db of the portable massage gun is 40dB. Just like a fan when you using it. So you dont worry that it will disturb others.

portable massage gun