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The Solution For Making Electric Cleansing Brushes for USA Clients

Fri Mar 22 17:07:32 CST 2024

The owner of a large-scale beauty device company sent an inquiry for a solution. Driven by the interest of making profits from his company, he needs to develop new products to increase profits. The clients had some knowledge about developing beauty devices. After spending a week researching Google, he chose us from many beauty device manufacturers. Then, the customer contacted us by email and asked for a list of our beauty devices.

Why Did the Customer Choose Us?

The customer said in an email, "Your electric cleansing brush with EMS function left a deep impression on me. Before this, I had never seen an electric cleansing brush with EMS function..." However, this is just one part of the innovation in our products.

In addition, our electric cleansing brush also features light therapy and massage.

The Process of Electric Cleansing Brush Manufacturing

Sonic Vibration: Utilizing high-frequency sonic vibration technology, the bristles can penetrate deep into pores, thoroughly cleansing the skin, and leaving it refreshed and smooth.

EMS Firming and Lifting: Combining EMS electronic pulse technology, can promote skin metabolism, increase collagen production, effectively lift and firm the skin, and delay skin aging.

The Features of Our Electric Cleansing Brush are As Follows:

Hand-Friendly Vibration: During cleansing, only the bristles vibrate, and the body of the brush does not, ensuring a comfortable grip without causing numbness or discomfort in the hands.

Wireless Operation: Designed wirelessly for convenient and flexible use, eliminating concerns about tangled wires or inconvenience during use.

Compact and Portable: Compact design for easy portability, allowing you to enjoy a clean and refreshing cleansing experience anytime, anywhere.

After understanding the detailed features of our products, we sent samples to the customer for testing. One month later, the customer paid a deposit for 2000 electric cleansing brushes. We are pleased that the customer recognizes our quality, and we guarantee delivery before the specified date.