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What Are the Benefits of Green LED Light Therapy?

Tue Jan 02 11:55:02 CST 2024

With the emergence of LED light therapy masks in different colors, you may be curious about the effects of different colors of light on the skin. So, what is green light therapy, and what are its benefits? Continue reading to find some answers.

Green LED Light Therapy Benefits

What is Green Light Therapy?

Green light therapy is a non-invasive treatment method that falls under phototherapy. It utilizes a specific wavelength of green light to accelerate skin healing and rejuvenation, offering numerous benefits to skin treatment. The optimal wavelength is typically between 510-560nm. Green light has a soothing effect, aids in fading spots and pigmentation, and also brightens the skin tone.

Similar to other LED light therapies, it is a painless and safe treatment method with many benefits. Apart from its skincare advantages, green light therapy also possesses some remarkable features, such as relieving headaches, improving sleep, and contributing to mental well-being by easing tension and stress.

Benefits of Green Light Therapy

Reduction of Skin Pigmentation

Green light therapy has a positive impact on reducing skin pigmentation and helping decrease melanin production. It interacts with melanin, fading pigmentation, and dark spots, addressing uneven skin tone issues.

Pain and Inflammation Relief

Some studies suggest that green light therapy may provide relief for certain skin issues, such as inflammation and allergic reactions.

LED Light Therapy - Simply Skin

Headaches and Migraines

Green light therapy also functions as a pain reliever, with evidence suggesting its potential in treating headaches and migraines. Some research and theories propose possible mechanisms, indicating that specific wavelengths of green light may influence pain relief systems by affecting neuron activity or regulating neural transmission pathways.

Improvement in Sleep

Exposure to green light may assist in regulating the circadian rhythm, improving sleep quality, and alleviating symptoms of insomnia.

Green light therapy is a non-invasive technique beneficial for overall health. It can be used alone or in combination with other therapies to address and improve skin issues. FITTOP combines green light therapy with radiofrequency technology, developing products like the 377 Golden Glow III RF Beauty Device and FITTOP 373 Gold Collagen Mask, effectively reducing skin wrinkles and redness, among other issues.