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What Does FITTOP Can Do for You?

Mon Jul 10 11:21:29 CST 2023

FITTOP focuses on tech skincare and is a leading brand of 18 years of beauty device, body massager, and sport massager products manufacturer and exporter. We have our own RD center, production line, and service and after-sales team. We provide OEMODM with two production modes. Whether beauty devices, body massagers, or sports massagers, we can supply multiple solutions based on function, material, process, and technology.

3 Service Support We Can Provide for You

FITTOP Branding Support

Choosing FITTOP means that you choose our brand promotion support. We provide unified VI image materials, including product images, videos, posters, brochures, and so on. Every year, we will increase brand awareness through exhibitions, news media, and offline promotions.

FITTOP R & D Support

FITTOP has own R & D team, cooperating with INDEED German excellent product design company. We acquired an IF design award, international PCT invention patent, etc, and passed ISO9001, ISO13485, Disney, FDA, and national high-tech enterprise.

FITTOP Production Support

At FITTOP, we have our own production line equipped with modern manufacturing equipment and advanced inspection laboratory facilities. We conduct rigorous testing, including 7-level waterproof testing, amplitude testing, battery performance testing, and more, to ensure the highest quality standards.


What is the Process of the Original Design Manufacturer?

From customer demand to mass production, FITTOP has 11 procedures in the original design manufacture. FITTOP strives to create a simple, safe, and efficient one-stop product development process. According to the customers demand plan the product design and launch time, ensuring the delivery on time. Then doing market research on the target audience. Next designing competitive product definitions based on customer needs.

Before and during product development, conduct DFMEA reliability design analysis on products to reduce the number of design defects. Then entering the process of product design, prototyping, and prototype confirmation. After the customers confirmation, the mold design and mold making will start. After the engineering prototype is confirmed, small-batch trial production will begin. After the small batch trial production is qualified and confirmed by the customer, mass production will start according to the customer's order.

How to Choose a Professional Massager Factory?

First, pay attention to the qualification and scale of the factory. When you consider find a factory to cooperate. You should place the qualification and scale of the factory on the first. FITTOP Factory has been established for 17 years for radio frequency beauty devices, sports massagers, and body massager research. We have our own production line and the most advanced equipment. We welcome all of the world to visit our factory to see the process of production.

Apart from production, FITTOP has a professional R & D team. One of the most features about us is we are an original design manufacturer. Do you want to get a bucket of dollars from a beauty massager or a sports massager? If you have any new ideas about this, we can provide a one-stop service from creativity to products. This is a fun and risky thing to do. Many of us want to build our own brand in the world. Contact us for your brand!

Secondly, the design of massagers. If you ensure the solution you want to select, we can offer three design solutions for you. FITTOP has acquired IF Design Award, ISO9001, ISO13485, FDA, and other certifications. FITTOP is the manufacturer of FDA-approved safe and effective radio frequency beauty devices.

The last is service. We offer a quality guarantee of 12 months from the date of shipment. we will conduct a 100% inspection of production to ensure the quality and safety of products. We will conduct product aging and life testing to ensure durability. We offer multi promotion channels to clients.