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When Collaborating with a Beauty Device Supplier, Which Key Point Can Save You Millions of Dollars?

Fri Nov 03 14:37:16 CST 2023

In the previous article, we focused on the potential issues that beauty device suppliers may encounter from product design to production. When seeking beauty device suppliers, it's important to consider not only the supplier's qualifications and strengths but also their capabilities and experience. Today, let's explore another crucial aspect that requires special attention - product quality inspection. Many beauty device factories lack a comprehensive or well-established product quality inspection process, which can result in a poor user experience. So, as a leading beauty device supplier, what advantages do we have in terms of product quality inspection?

Battery Aging Test

First and foremost, we create a controlled experimental environment, including temperature and humidity. In the experiment, the battery undergoes multiple cycles of charging and discharging. These cycles simulate the actual usage of the battery, charging, and discharging processes. Secondly, we test the battery's lifespan and charging performance to ensure that users can use the product for an extended period. Finally, we ensure that the battery aging test complies with relevant regulations and standards to guarantee the product's compliance and safety in the market.

SGS Human Testing

How do we prove that the beauty device is effective and safe? Through authoritative testing by SGS, we have demonstrated the effectiveness of our RF beauty device in anti-aging, wrinkle reduction, and skin rejuvenation. After 28 days of real-world testing, the comprehensive results show a reduction of 10.53% in forehead lines, 28.81% in eye corner wrinkles, 7.14% in nasolabial folds, and 20.51% in crow's feet. Furthermore, it has been 100% proven that our beauty device is safe.

Raw Materials

In terms of raw materials, we offer a variety of options, including plastic cement (such as ABS, PC, etc.), food-grade silicone, hardware, natural jade, titanium alloy, and other safe materials for customers to choose from. For beauty devices that come into contact with the skin, high-safety materials are essential to ensure there is no harm when in contact with the skin. Additionally, we ensure that these materials comply with relevant standards to prevent the release of harmful substances.

Product safety is of paramount importance to both consumers and clients. When looking for a reliable beauty device supplier, it is essential to focus on whether the beauty device factory has a well-equipped product testing laboratory and product quality inspection processes.