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Your Skin's New Best Friend: Dive into the World of Effortless Beauty with Our One-Stop ODM Solutions!

Thu Nov 23 11:08:13 CST 2023

In the previous discussion, we delved into the production and confirmation of engineering prototypes in the beauty device ODM process. Once the engineering prototypes are finalized, the next step is to enter the phase of small-scale trial production. In this pivotal production stage, clients often raise various questions and concerns. To address any uncertainties you may encounter during the small-scale trial production, FITTOP is here today to provide you with clear and comprehensive answers.

Some Potential Questions That Clients May Have During the Trial Production Process:

  • What is the production timeline for small-scale production, and when can I expect to receive my products?

The production timeline depends on the complexity and quantity of the product. Generally, small-scale production may take several weeks to a few months. We will strive to minimize the delivery time as much as possible.

  • How can product quality and consistency be ensured during small-scale production?

We will implement rigorous quality control measures, including inspections and testing throughout the production process. Before production begins, we will collaboratively establish quality standards to ensure that each product meets specifications.

  • What are the costs associated with small-scale production, and are there any hidden fees?

Costs will depend on various factors, including product complexity, material costs, and mold manufacturing expenses. We will clearly outline all costs in the contract and ensure transparency with no hidden fees.

  • How will communication be maintained during the production process, and how can I stay updated on the progress?

We will establish regular communication channels, including conference calls and email updates. Clients are also welcome to visit the factory to observe the production process. Detailed reports on production progress will be provided to keep you informed about the project status.

Upon successful qualification of the small-scale trial production and confirmation from the client, mass production will commence based on the customer's order.