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Crucial Step in ODM Beauty Device Production: Why It Matters!

Wed Nov 15 17:14:40 CST 2023

After conducting a risk evaluation, we will move on to the next step in the beauty device ODM process - product design. In the beauty device ODM production process, product design is a crucial aspect of brand image. A unique and appealing design can highlight brand characteristics, making the product easily recognizable in the market. Following the customer-confirmed product definition, we proceed with product ID design, providing the customer with 2-3 different product ID design proposals. Once the customer confirms the product ID design, we move on to electronic design and structural design.

As a Beauty Device ODM Supplier with 18 Years of Experience, How Do We Approach the Product Design Process?

Product ID Design

Preliminary Concept: Create initial product concepts considering factors such as functional layout, form, and materials.

Design Proposals: Provide 2-3 different product ID design proposals to meet diverse aesthetic and market demands.

Customer Feedback: Collaborate closely with the customer to gather feedback on design proposals, making necessary modifications and adjustments.

Final Confirmation: Obtain customer confirmation and selection of the final product ID design.

Electronic Design and Structural Design

Electronic Design: Initiate electronic design, including circuit board layout, component selection, and power management.

Structural Design: Conduct product structural design, considering shell materials, assembly methods, dimensions, etc.

Prototype Production: Create electronic and structural prototypes for testing and validation.

Customer Confirmation: Provide prototypes for customer review and testing, making modifications based on feedback.

What Design Advantages Can We Offer to Customers in the Product Design?

Professional Design Team

FITTOP boasts an experienced, creative, and skilled design team that comprehensively understands beauty device industry trends, technological innovations, and user needs. Our designers with years of experience can provide feasible design solutions based on various technologies, materials, and production processes.

User Experience Focus

In designing a new product, we prioritize user experience, ensuring that the product meets user expectations in terms of appearance, usability, and functionality. Throughout the design process, we undergo multiple iterations, conducting surveys and tests on aspects such as appearance, materials, and color patterns. Adhering to the principle of continuous improvement, we regularly collect user feedback and apply it to product updates to ensure consistency with market and user demands.

Diverse Design Capability

Leveraging the diversity of our design team, we create a flexible product line to adapt to different markets and consumer groups. This may include a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and functionalities for beauty devices. We also offer customized design services to meet specific customer requirements and brand images, catering to the individualized needs of different clients.

Why is product design a crucial step in the ODM process? Because it directly influences the quality, functionality, and customer satisfaction of the final product. A meticulously designed product can offer unique features, setting it apart in the market. This underscores the significance of our design research and development teams. In the next article, we will delve into the next step in the ODM process - Prototyping.