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Unique Beauty Devices without High Design Costs Worries? We Have a Solution!

Mon Nov 13 13:39:31 CST 2023

In our previous two articles, we introduced the first two steps in the beauty device ODM process: understanding customer requirements and conducting market research. Based on these inputs, the next step is product definition. This stage is crucial, ensuring that the product meets customer needs and remains competitive in the design and development process.

Core Features and Target Market

Initially, we determine the primary functions of the beauty device. For instance, if the customer desires a facial cleanser with deep moisturizing and skin-tightening capabilities to cater to young professional women, we design a smart moisturizing beauty device utilizing microcurrent technology to provide a tightening effect, focusing on addressing skincare concerns for women aged 25-35.

Additional Features

Additional features go beyond the core functions, making the product more comprehensive and appealing. These can include special massage modes, multiple skincare modes, etc. For example, incorporating massage-capable gemstones into the beauty device or integrating connectivity with a mobile app to enhance the user experience.

User Experience and Design Elements

After establishing the primary functions, we pay special attention to user experience, ensuring a stylish appearance and a user-friendly interface. For instance, designing a fashionable-looking beauty device with a touchscreen interface to meet the aesthetic and usability preferences of modern women.

In the complex process of beauty device ODM production, product definition is a critical link. By carefully defining the core and additional features, along with a profound understanding of target users and market demands, we ensure that the designed beauty device not only meets customer expectations but also possesses market competitiveness.

In our next article, we will delve into the next stage of the ODM process, focusing on risk evaluation. We will discuss in detail how to accurately identify and evaluate potential issues during product development and effectively address these challenges. This stage is crucial for our entire exploration as it will help us better understand various situations in the ODM production process. Stay tuned for more exciting content on the ODM process in our ongoing series!